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Reasonable priced nature photos direct from photographer.

Hannu Eskonen , EFIAP, biologist
• lecturer of biology and geography,
• freelance photographer since 1973
• international exhibions, 91 acceptances in Great Britain, Holland, Austria, Canada, Taiwan and Australia

• since 1978 almost 1000 established nature articles in newspapers and magazines
• illustrator of nature- and textbooks: ”Kotimaan luontokohteet – Lappi”, ”Kotimaan luonto-opas”,”Kotimaan linnut” (these published by WSOY), high school textbook of Environmental Ecology, and Karjalan kunnaille- nature guidebook.

• pictures in following photo-arhcestries: Cartina, Comma Finland, Kuva-Pörssi, TaigaMedia

• Finlands natureprotections organization`s golden medal for long service (year 2003)
• International EFIAP-titel for merits as a phtographer (year 2003)

Ville Eskonen, student

• I live at Rovaniemi, Finland
• I have been shooting fotos for couple of years
• I started with normal diafilm, nowadays I use only digitalcamera
• I take photos mostly on freeriding, landscapes and nature
• In winter I travel mostly in northern Scandinavia and Alps, looking for powder snow
• In summer I try to go fishing as much as possible, but as a student, I don’t have too much free time in summer.